Why Pot-T?

If you love tea as much as we do, you will understand that the cozy you choose for your pot is as important as the tea itself. A perfect cozy should give just enough space around the pot to trap air, and not have any gaps for that air to escape at the bottom.

This is why our tea cozies are three dimensional (yes they are not flat like most tea cozys are), so they cup the pot, and they have a special insulated layer of fabric that does not let any heat escape. So our cozies will keep your pot Hot! Hot! Hot!

They come in four sizes, and the majority of pots will need a standard cozy. Our Mini Pot-T will be great for herbal pots and two cup pots. If you have a large pot for 8+ or it is quite tall then out Maxi Pot-T will be perfect for you.

The cafetiere cozy is designed with a standard cafetiere in mind, and will fit snugly around it to keep your coffee hot ready for a second and third cup.